What did I Do Today? {Last Day… Insert Crying Face Here )’: }

Well Today is the last day of class…. Im very sad about this but I will be back next year to take this class again! Sooooo No worries there! 


This year has been so much fun! I have learned so much and this class is truly my favorite! 


Happy Tuesday! Happy Summer! 


What did I Do Today?

Well…. Today has been very interesting! 

I got the chance to go to Bradt’s Mammals & More petting zoo with some of the AHS Key Club kids and a Pre-K class! 

It was SO much fun! I got to hold a Baby-doll sheep!

I also thought I was going to be late to class today but turns out I wasn’t! So that was also a thumbs up! 

Here is something that took very little editing! I just added a new text and painted over the old text! 



Get it? It’s a TIffany’s Box so it should be Tiffany & Co. But I changed it to Connor & Co. And added the text diamonds are a girls best friend! 


Really this took like 4 minutes to fix I just needed something to work on! 



What did I do Today?

Today I wrote my letter that was in Mondays Blog post, and I also started a little picture thing. I’m not really sure what I want to do with it….

However its a monogram! 


Happy Thursday! 

*i will not be here tomorrow I will be at goldbug olympics! 

*Monday I am going to be late I will be with the AHS Keyclub at Brads Menagerie Mammals and more! 

What did I do today?

Today I did my apple tv presentation! It didn’t go as bad as I thought it would!

I also completed my poster for the wall! I think it turned out really well! I put it on my projects page of my website!


I will not be “in” class tomorrow since we have our awards assembly tomorrow morning!


Happy Tuesday!

What did I do today?

Well Today I realized that I hadn’t put my worksamples in my book, so it turned out that I hadn’t printed them yet…… 😦 So I printed 10 of those and then I worked on my picture for the wall.

I then went to Mrs.Kohens’ office to pre-enroll! I am going to take this class again! So that I can work on coding next year!

Here is a screen shot of my poster

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 3.46.43 PM


I’m liking how it is coming along!


Happy Monday!


What did I do today?

Today I worked on my picture that will go on the wall I feel like I got a lot of it done! 


Here is a screen shot! 

ImageI’m going to try and keep it simple! I really like the colors! Its very neutral and classy… *My personal opinion. 


Happy Friday! 

“Guest Blog”

Sine taking this class I’ve learned a lot about computers and different software.

Like if you want to minimize your screen you can make it go down in slow motion. You hold the Shift Key as you press the Yellow Key in the top left corner.

Now I don’t really know what this is useful for but I find it kind of cool.

304723_06 o8wIW

In Photoshop I have learned MANY shortcuts for different things like Command+T= Free Transform. This tool is used to “resize” or “rotate” a picture or object. I find it most useful when I’m making posters or collages.

Shift+Command+4= Screen Shot This is the most helpful for me because I don’t like linking things from my website to my blog and vise-versa so I prefer to screen shot what i’m working on.

Command+ C= Copy This is been one of the most interesting thing. I always thought you had to go to Edit then click Copy and then click Paste but when you use the short cut its a lot easier!

Command+V= Paste this is helpful for when I am linking things from my website to my blog.


My favorite tools in photoshop are

  • Free Transform
  • Puppet Warp
  • Color Swap Brush
  • Text Paths


I’ve already mentioned free transform. However I have not talked about the Puppet Warp. The puppet warp is used to make an object smaller!

Here is an example

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.38.42 PM            Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.38.30 PM

*Before                            *after

Now this picture is the first time I ever used the puppet warp tool, so its a little disproportional. However it created a good effect.

These next pictures are from after I used puppet warp for a couple of other pictures

Example #2

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.40.33 PM        Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.40.22 PM

*Before                                             *After

This one is more proportional, and it isn’t as drastic as the other pictures. In this photo I made myself a tad bit shorter and my arms and hips smaller….


The color swap brush is something I didn’t find until this semester. I found it when I was trying to change the color of something. It gives off a natural effect & I have used it in many pictures and projects.


Text Paths have been very interesting. I didn’t know you could put down a shape and add a text around it. I was always using the Free Transform to rotate my words. It wasn’t until January that I started doing this. I found it to be very fun also!

Here are a few Examples:

Setting Type Around a Circle

Vertical Type

Pen Path Before & After

and that is just a few of the assignments I have done. This was one of my favorite things to work with because of all the options you had. I also liked finding different fonts on “dafont.com”

I have also done a little coding, but I haven’t done enough to really know a whole lot about it… I did find it very interesting. There is a lot of work to make a website or webpage I never knew it was that difficult! You have to be very accurate with what you’ve typed. and how you’ve placed it. If your even just a tad bit off it won’t turn out like it is suppose too.